Lifesteal - V1.0

Lifesteal - V1.0

Hey everyone,

Lifesteal has finally been released! We are very proud to release this new gamemode here on SharkBlocks. Currently lifesteal is still not 100% bug free as it is our first release of this gamemode, however we will be working none stop to get it where we want it to be.


Lifesteal is a pretty neat gamemode, it is very similar to survival but with a twist. Every time you die, you permanently lose a heart, however if you kill someone you gain a permanent heart. If you lost all your heart you will be temporarily banned for 2 days. You can teleport to the wild using the "/rtp" command or walking thru the portals at spawn and we also have a player shop that you can access using "/shop". To higher your chances of survival, you can create a team using "/team" which will allow you to have players by your side during your journey.


• Bounty hunting
• Pinata parties
• Coinflip and lottery system
• Raiding
• Deathbans
and lots more to come...


If you have any suggestions or bug reports regarding lifesteal make sure to let us know on our discord.

We are also giving out a coupon code that will reduce your total basket on our store by 10%. this can only be used once per player, so use it wisely!
Code: lifesteal001