Creative - V1.0

Creative - V1.0

Hey everyone!

Creative has finally arrived,  this is our first official creative realm release meaning that there might still be some issues. As we speak many issues and bugs are already being fixed and we hope for it to be 100% bug free within the next 24h.


Creative is a realm where you can build anything you can imagine, you claim a plot using "/plot auto" which will give you a personal space to build. Every player is in creative mode, so you can build as much as you want without having to worry about getting materials.


• World edit
• Large plot size
• Custom furniture
• Building competitions


In this realm we have a custom store that allows you to get player heads with skins that are decorative. You can easily access it thru an NPC at "/spawn".


Yes, we have furniture in vanilla Minecraft! This is another plugin which will allow you to decorate and add a more realistic "vibe" to your builds. There are tones to look at and pick for your builds, to access it you must go to "/spawn" and use the Furniture NPC.


There will be more to come to creative and other realms that will be releasing soon.
We will be posting major updates and changes on our website so make sure to keep an eye out.